English Language Acquisition (ELA)

Evening Coordinating Teacher

(Monday and Wednesday evenings, 5:30-9:00 PM)

Job Description

I.            Position Requirements:

              A.     Teaching certification/adult education, ESL and/or TESOL endorsements preferred

              B.     Endorsement in supervision/administration preferred

              C.     ELA teaching experience

              D.     Demonstrated organizational and leadership ability

II.               Position Accountable to:

             Adult Learning Center Director, Adult Academic Coordinator for ELA, and Evening Administrator

III.              Position Summary

             The ELA Evening Coordinating Teacher will report to and assist the Evening Administrator of the Adult Learning Center and respective satellite campuses in performing the duties and responsibilities assigned to the position as they relate to the ELA program.  The Evening Coordinating Teacher will regularly receive communication and direction from the Day Academic Coordinator.  The regularly assigned responsibilities will be in the areas of intake testing, placement and counseling of students, scheduling of assistants, recordkeeping and progress testing, and provision of resources and materials to the instructional staff.  The ELA Evening Coordinating Teacher will also perform all other duties germane to the coordination of the ELA program assigned by the Director and/or the Adult Academic Coordinator.

IV.             Safe Schools and Discipline

             A.     Assists Evening Administrator in student/staff awareness of and adherence to the Safe Schools plan

                    1.      Ensures that evening instructional staff enforces school policies and procedures

                    2.      Assists in maintaining a safe, secure learning environment

             B.     Assists in enforcing School Board policies and regulations

             C.     Coordinates intake and placement of new students

                    1.      Assists with registration and testing of prospective students

                    2.      Conducts orientation for new evening students

                    3.      Designates classroom assignments for new students

                    4.      Provides teachers with class rolls of assigned students

            D.     Counsels with students when corrective discipline is needed

                    1.      Seeks reinforcement from Evening Administrator as necessary

            E.     Coordinates intake and placement of underage students

                    1.      Communicates with ELA Counselor as needed

                    2.      Monitors attendance and progress of students

             F.     Assists Evening Administrator, Director, and Academic Coordinator with initiatives to enhance staff members’ appreciation of other cultures

V.               Employee Development and Accountability

             A.     Assist with monitoring staff’s punctuality and effective use of planning time

             B.     Observes staff members and communicates with Evening Administrator and Academic Coordinator regarding staff performance

             C.     Assists Evening Administrator, Director, and Academic Coordinator in planning and/or facilitating in-service sessions for instructional personnel

             D.     Demonstrates lessons for teachers as needed.

             E.     Encourages the sharing of instructional strategies among teachers.

             F.     Communicates with staff about dates for data and record collection.

             G.    Collects performance indicators data, enrollment records, and other pertinent data to submit to Academic Coordinator. 

             H.     Monitors staff attendance and punctuality and communicates any concerns to Evening Administrator and Adult Academic Coordinator.  Secures substitutes for teacher and TA positions. In addition, may need to support the team in a teacher and/or TA substitute capacity.

             I.       Assists in planning and facilitating recognition for staff members.

            J.      Suggests ideas for staff development and training.

            K.     Models professional development standards.

            L.      Provides Evening Administrator with input about performance of teachers and teacher assistants.

VI.             Community and Parent Involvement

            A.   Assists with publicizing ELA program

                   1.  Facilitates distribution of flyers as requested

                   2.  Promotes programs to the community and provides information to interested   patrons


Interested applicants should submit a resume via email to: Coordinator of Adult Academic Programs,
[email protected]